A dynamic and responsive web based election management tool


Helps you to have a productive way of waking up


Joshua is an enthusiastic software engineer.
Experienced with industry based toolsets and practices, project management, test automation and test driven development.

Have strong work ethic, team oriented, flexible and dependable.

Worked with contract based projects for almost 3 years now both for local and abroad based clients alongside taking up courses as a student.
Already worked for some contract based projects alone, but as always, works best with a team.

Engaged in Pro-Bono/Volunteering works to communities promoting education, software and technology advancement.
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Java Swift JavaScript C# Python PHP React(ReactJS/ReactNative) Laravel VueJS django Lumen NodeJS Wordpress Object Oriented Programming Asynchronous Programming Data Structures MVC MVP VIPER Architecture RestAPI WebSockets AJAX


(+639) 16 723 7988


Manila, Philippines